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My experience is deeply seated in practice of strategic planning, organizational development, business operations, supply chain management, and technology.

The dissertation for my doctorate in Business Administration is focused on the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) which is a holistic approach to business practice. BSC actively incorporates the relationship of decisions and the resulting consequences; understanding cause and effect of decisions brings about transparency, involvement, and best practice solutions returning strong organizational performance. If you would like to participate in my dissertation research please visit the survey by following this link: Dissertation Research.

Over the past 15 years I have worked as an executive in high growth retail and manufacturing business environments. My contribution has been to provide strategic vision and execute business process and technology infrastructure. Four times I have had direct involvement with organizational evolution responsible for building company infrastructures where investors have reduced risk and a multiple increase in ROI value including successful IPO or acquisitions.

I have held the top Information Technology position at Club One, Jamba Juice, Power Bar, Pasqua Coffee, and the number two IT position at Starbucks Coffee. I define my business acumen in terms of a collaborative endeavor that engages all levels of customers within an environment of accountability. Combining the business perspective of an MBA and the humanistic skills of a MS in Educational Psychology the outcome is best practice solutions while engaging the best in people. The result is a clear vision connected with business process and technical tools that support strategic goals.

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