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Colors of the Resume’

June 28, 2014

Creative Resume’ Heat Map

A creative resume is a paradigm shift to a personal story in art form. Display of graphic content with a heat map highlight skills which transforms the resume’ into a presentation of experiences and goals rather than the mundane black words on white paper. This is a differentiator during the quick scan in the “CV Mountains” of competition.

“My resume’ needs to open the door for a conversation about opportunities.”

I am an Information Technology and Operations Executive that displays professional history in manner that is similar to the way I work. A creative problem solver with tangible results. In leadership positions I apply the power of influence to process improvement then overlay the right technology solution like an art form. To express this unique business approach I created a resume’ as a contemporary presentation of skills using a wide palette of colors.

My business success is understanding intangible events which are difficult to measure yet critical to success; a skill that is a challenge to express on a resume’. Explaining the working methodology one needs to wrap the skills of a social worker with the business acumen of a corporate executive. Success with complex projects is a left-brain-right-brain strategy which is difficult to visualize. I needed a creative solution to present my track recored.

The traditional components are designed into the creative format:

    • Contact information
    • Profile and summary of qualifications
    • Education
    • Skills
    • Work Experience

A resume’ needs to ebb and flow in an effort to be contemporarily valuable. Creativity is traditionally frowned upon. Key word search is the reality of the digital world. The resume’ content is written in a format that is recognized by electronic search tools. Throwing caution to the wind I developed a visual concept in an effort to demonstrate out of the box thinking. This approach differentiates my career and personality.

Understanding that a resume’ is visually scanned by recruiters in less than 20 seconds it must be optimized. Recruiters that have received the this resume’ format become curious and engaged with the content at a deeper level then with the traditional format. It is reviewed with an increase of interest.

The bottom line impact has been more time is spent by recruiters with this resume’ format than the traditional format.

“The goal is reached with an invitation for a conversation…”

It is said that doing the same old thing in the same old way gives you the same old answer. I have tried “different” and found the reaction to be positive. The goal is reached with a welcome by hiring managers as I walk through the door to explore the content within an artful presentation and the opportunity available.

View full resume:

Henry Hirschel
Doctor of Business Administration | MBA | MSEd
415.850.6361 | |


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