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Think About Business Happiness

January 22, 2012

When positive work experiences occur in the business culture, it promotes a sense of happiness. Happy people create energy with high resonance that others feel physically and emotionally responding with complementary feelings. Employees see business ecosystems that harness happiness as exciting environments to work.

Why is it important to be cognizant of the level of happiness in the workplace?

Happiness is a measure of the level and quality of communication between people. This is not an obvious measure, yet one recognized when it is present.

‚ÄúPeople who are mentally healthy and happy have a higher degree of “vertical” among their goals-that is, higher -level (long term) goals and lower-level (immediate) goals all fit together well so that pursuing one’s short-term goals advances the pursuit of long-term goals.” (Sheldon and Kasser, 1995).

Happy employees are an intangible asset that can differentiate overall performance and becomes a competitive advantage. Increased levels of happiness in business environments add to increased productivity and behavior. When short-term goals support long-term objectives strategic management is leveraged with a system designed for success.

If not happiness, the alternatives of fear and anger have dark overtones:

Fear: This is an emotion that slows the sharing of information. Fear is an protective behavior that limits communication because of perceived repercussions. It is not a healthy alternative in organizations or when exhibited by individuals because of the negative emotion.

Anger: The emotion places walls between people, setting boundaries driven by the desire to protect personal autonomy. Anger blocks dialogue by limiting communication sometimes even shutting it down for “fear” of reprisals.

Happiness is an expression of joy and confidence. Open the door to the intangible asset of happiness and see the business environment thrive.

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