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Environmental Perspective

October 19, 2009

It is time to consider a new Balanced Scorecard perspective.  The new perspective is focused on clean energy and the carbon footprint of a company.  The new perspective can be titled with any number of names including carbon footprint, green energy, or the environmental perspective.  As the green movement evolves, the reality of a world with limited resources presents an opportunity to create a perspective dedicated to this challenge. Organizations are being required by federal and local law or mandated to change the way business handles environmental concerns. 


Business can no longer operate in a vacuum concerning the overall impact on the environment. We are no longer Sampson facing Goliath as individuals facing environmental concerns.  We must work in concert with each other as a society to save resources and use energy in a manner that conserves.  Each business needs to operate being mindful of the environment much as Noah did when he saved the animals.  We are bound by decisions that have consequences across society.  Companies need to act in concert and measure progress in order to maximize and support public policy around environmental impact.  A focused through an environmental perspective would help to measure the actions of organizations.


A Balanced Scorecard environmental perspective would highlight the importance of these issues on business operations.  By monitoring, everything from carbon footprint to paper recycling, organizations have a vehicle to communicate environmental issues through the holistic manner of the Balanced Scorecard.  When incorporated into the Balanced Scorecard the perspective becomes a high-level visible measurement of the importance of the environment to the organization.   The news is full of stories about environmental change and organizations that help prevent negative change from affecting our world.  If this were measured at a company level, each business could include a discussion focused on the environmental impact of business decision.


Encouraging organizations to incorporate an aggressive and progressive response to environmental issues will become evident with an environmental perspective.  I would challenge Balanced Scorecard practitioners to focus more closely on the impact, of environmental concerns and business operations.  The Balanced Scorecard is an excellent management tool to manage environmental responsibility.

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  1. dalia permalink
    November 25, 2009 2:01 pm

    thanks alot for these artical ,but i need the rest of it ,if enybody help me plz ,i want to develpoment the balance scorecard byEnvironmental Perspective ,this title of my thises, please help me ,i dont have enough referance .
    thank you,

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