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Job Search Using Improvement Techniques

June 19, 2009

The resume’ enters the black hole called the Internet. It disappears into the bowels of an unknown entity within cyberspace of corporate America. Add a cover letter, little change is observed as the effort vanishes leaving no sign of a successful arrival on the hiring managers desks. Not even a peep is heard from the “consumer” that requires the information.

To count what has been submitted by job seekers is a simple matter of tracking email messages. It is more difficult to determine if the quality of presentation even catches the eye of the intended recipient.

My resolve is to determine the effectiveness of my personal job marketing campaign. What techniques can be used to measure the activity created during my job search? The premise; if one measures the change in activity opportunities open to take action.

Similar to improvement methodologies measuring change during the job search will provide indicators of success. When it is possible to determine change in activity an evaluation will become the basis for a success strategy. Counting the number of job applications submitted is a “feel good” latent measure that only establishes effort put forth but does not determine the quality of that effort. Leading indicators are the result of monitoring the changes seen in response to interest in ones job submissions.

A few tricks to measure changes in job search activity:

  • Web properties– During the job search encourage hiring manages to visit your profile on LinkedIn, personal web site, and blog.
  • LinkedIn– Profile “attractivity” can be measured by monitoring “Who’s viewed my profile?” on the home page. This information is updated on a daily basis. It is a very powerful way to measure change. The report indicates how often a profile has been viewed and how many times your name appears in searches. In addition LinkedIn provides clues to who viewed the profile.
  • Web Site– Establish a personal “professional” web site as an opportunity to expand upon background information. The web site can be monitored with tools including Google analytics. Reports from the monitoring tools provide information about visitors to the site. These reprots can be used to trace site visitors.
  • Blog– Monitor blog visits. Similar to the web site the log reports on visits. Like web analytics, clarity of visits will help provide an understanding about those seeking to learn about you.

The consolidation of information is a picture of those that have taken the opportunity to learn more about your background.

What does this mean?

The job search now can include tools that allow for a proactive monitoring activity around web properties. The ability to monitor leaves a trail of activityinformation. Studying this activity becomes a tool to adjust job search effort and take proactive action.

If change is measured than performance can be improved. Through a simple set of tools it is possible to monitor and take proactive action during the job search.

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