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May 17, 2009

Convergence is the approach over time toward equilibrium which often is resolved through approximation of solutions. Most often it is an estimate based on a theoretical fixed value. In business, convergence is obtained by approaching solutions through collaborative efforts with the removal of barriers that hamper the flow of ideas.

Convergence is necessary to move new ideas or innovation from conceptual to execution stage. Organizational leadership needs to have the capacity and willingness to adapt change. Execution of innovation is never a straight path. Leaders that are the fulcrum of convergence understand the importance of collaborative efforts. These change agents need to be both promoter and defender. They must find a path that creates common ground that is horizontal across the organization.

Successful convergence includes:

Building relationship: Take the time to forge relationships. The collective strength of a team lends the strength of the collective knowledge of many. Group think is powerful and result oriented.

Building trust: One of the most challenging aspects of business. The foundation of trust is relationships. Strong relationships are the cornerstone for trust.

Developing a common vocabulary: Build a formalized vocabulary that defines common terms and concepts. Parties involved will understand what the meanings and expectations are for acronyms, special vocabulary, and expectations. Clarity of communications reduces ambiguity.

Convergence requires a “go with the flow” outlook. Never a straight path is found to the intended goal. Improvisation is to think on ones feet a necessity to arrive at common places in convergence.

Organizational growth includes adaptation to new ideas and concepts. The convergence of ideas within an existing infrastructure is organization evolution. Bring ideas together to a workable result does necessitate strong relationships built on trust. The convergence of ideas and concepts in an atmosphere of success will result in outcomes were reasonable people will make reasonable decisions.

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